Why you should consider Virtual Tours

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much a 3D virtual tour is worth…

A virtual tour or VR (Virtual Reality) is a digital twin of a physical location. The goal is to make the viewers feel inside the actual location and not only at the computer, smartphone or tablet. Therefore, we create our virtual tours with sequences of 360° panorama pictures or 360° videos, we add sound effects, music , narration, text or other multimedia files to enhance the user’s visual experience and keep them interested.

While the traditional 2D “virtual tour” such as slide shows or video presentation, is already established in most of the businesses, there has been an explosion of technologies over the past few month that makes 3D virtual tours to a unique marketing tool for your business.

How can improve a 3D Virtual Tour your success rates?

  1. Did you know that 97% of consumers go online before making purchases?
  2. Did you know that you can achieve 67% higher success rates with virtual tours on your website or listing?

Virtual Tours - Certain Facts And Figures

In the following part you can find important advises how to improve your sales rates with virtual tours.

Let’s check first the “customer’s journey” – chart below.


In today’s world, if you don’t grab an audience’s attention instantly, you will never get it. The average attention span is between 8 to 12 seconds. Therefore, you need a perfect “bait” to get customers interested.
Most of today’s audience want an interactive, real, transparent video tour or VR experience.

Sure, you can use regular photo & video content , but let’s be honest… flat photos have nothing to on 360 photos when it comes to showing off a physical location!


After you caught the audience and they are interested in your product it is important to keep them! In the time of the world wide web it is easily possible to compare and evaluate products from different brands, locations or providers within minutes or even seconds.

Now it comes to the most important feeling within the buying decision process, trust!

Therefore, most of the potential buyers still want to go and see the product in real especially in the higher price sector. Here is the thing, now the buying process is influenced by other factors. Here’s a few of the top of my head: location, weather on the day of visit, time, mood of the client or sales person, condition of the product at the time of visit and many more…

With virtual tours you can show your product in 360° captured at the best time, the best weather and location is not an issue. Viewers can be anywhere in the world and experience your product with family and friends wherever they are as if they were altogether.

In addition, you can add interactive media content like videos, music, narration or additional descriptions to create a realistic, interesting and interactive product presentation.

Furthermore, since you don’t have to spend most of your time to show products in open house events or any exhibitions, you can take care of the really interested customers.


Once, you got potential clients through the interest and research phase of the “customers journey” the trip is almost over.

Last but not least, it is important to have a good amount of potential customers in the line to buy your product and as better is your change to achieve a good price.

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